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Maine Wild Blueberry Harvest
Lynch Hill Farms blueberries are wild, growing naturally in the barren fields of Downeast Maine.
Maine wild blueberries grow on a two year cycle, harvesting the crop every other year.  The harvest season usually runs the month of August.

Our fresh pack Maine wild blueberries are raked very gently to preserve the longevity of the berry.  
They are taken inside to cool and then sent over a pick over line where leaves and stems are removed.  Finally, they are looked and picked over by our crew for final inspection and packaged into pints, quarts, or freezer ready boxes ready for you!
The rest of our crop is raked by our hand crew and those blueberries are taken to a local factory where the berries are fresh frozen.

The interim year is equally important in preparing for harvest. To prune the plants, they are either burned or mowed.  
Wild Blueberries are different from cultivated blueberries in many ways. Our wild blueberries grow here naturally - no one planted them. Wild blueberries also have TWICE the antioxidant power when compared to their cultivated cousins. And while wild blueberries may be smaller in size than cultivated, their flavor can't be matched. They are much sweeter and flavorful! They also are better for baking, as they retain their shape and color.  
For a very cool look at us burning one of our blueberry fields, check out
Photo and video courtesy of The Downeast Cowboy.