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Cranberry Harvesting
Cranberries can be harvested  in one of two ways - wet or dry harvesting.

In a wet harvest, the cranberry beds or bogs are flooded and the fruit is "beaten" off the vine using a reeler. The floating fruit is then corralled and pumped into bins. Wet harvested fruit is sold wholesale and used for processed cranberry products like juice and sauce.  

All of our cranberry bogs are dry harvested. We used a walk behind mechanical harvester to gently pull the berries from the vines.  No water is involved in this process and ensures their freshness and longevity for our customers!
After the fruit is harvested, they are winnowed to removed vines, leaves and debris and then go through our pick over line where they are inspected for any imperfections.  Finally, they are rolled over a polishing towel and go through one final inspection before being packaged by hand for you!
Photography by Peter Frank Edwards